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Credible Information on Health related issues in the local community

Chronic health diseases are the greatest health problems facing the community. However, there are many other problems ranging from drug abuse to nutrition, HIV/Aids and injury and violence.


 The community is ailing from a host of health problems that require both communal and individual action.  The realization of the vision to eradicate the diseases requires education. The lack of action may lead to fight the disease and influence the modification of some cultural value systems is a challenge to realization of the vision.


We educate the community on a wide range of health issues because we want the world population to live in a disease free sphere.  If want to participate in fighting the problem and have no information, you have come to the right place.


Some common health Issues that we focus on

Physical Activity and Nutrition

 We promote staying physically active. The essence of doing this is that researcher has shown living physically active can prevent various diseases such as diabetes and cancer and enhance mood. To find out if you are suffering from inactivity, check with your local pastor, shopping centers for walking programs and other exercises.



Overweight and Obesity

People’s eating habit can lead to overweight and obesity. This health condition increases ones chances of dying from heart diseases, respiratory problems, sleep apnea, breast cancer, and type 2 diabetes. Our in-depth guides and practical advice about these diseases is available to help you.



The use of tobacco is a major cause of respiratory and lung diseases in the community. It is the solitary greatest avoidable cause diseases and deaths in most countries. Smokers find difficulty quitting. However, researchers have presented that they can give up smoking successfully when they have the support of health professionals. This is where we come in. We offer smokers advice on how to quit and live a better lifestyle.


Substance Abuse

Substance abuse refers abuse of alcohol and drugs. Some people in the community self-medicate using both legal and illegal drugs leading to serious medical consequences. While some abuse drugs deliberately, others unknowingly mix a local and medication. We discourage stereotyping senior citizens who often abuse drugs unknowingly and experts shy away from informing them of the fault. We ask them regarding possible substance abuse.


Injury and Violence

One out of three seniors’ fall annually meaning we need to put systems to take care of their special needs. We encourage home modification to handle these concerns. These seniors are also twice more likely than the general population to die in a home fire.


Environmental Quality

Population certainly affects the entire community. Nonetheless, low-income, racial and ethical minorities are the biggest culprits because they are highly likely to dwell in highly populated areas.


We educate the community on these topics, and much more. We understand the impact of equipping the community with health care information. Without information, no one would act and the current situation would become worse. For practical advice, get in touch with us, and learn from credible professionals.


Central Health Revelations. The power on your side.

You are committed to fighting health problems in the community through fighting ignorance. I appreciate the work you are doing in your training centers, having been a   participant in a number of them and witnessed the quality of education you offer
By By William A. Chavez
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I write to thank you for training me to prepare balanced diets. Prior to knowing you, I had difficulties and could not save baby who was suffering from malnutrition. I thought I had to purchase special items from the supermarket, which was a misinformation. Thank you for saving my baby
By Tabatha J. Baxter
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